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Silver Dragon Moves to the Semis

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Silver Dragon Moves to the Semis

Post  SilverDragon on Tue Mar 09, 2010 1:51 am

*Mr Howell Stands outside a door holding a microphone. He's tapping his feet as he looks at his watch. A few seconds later silver dragon comes out with green cream overing his face, his hair in curlers, and cucumber slices over his eyes. Mr. Howell gapes at the spectacle as Silver Dragon pulls the cucumber slices off of his eyes and bliks before smiling at Mr. Howell.*

Silver Dragon: Hello!

Mr. Howell: *Stammering* Wh..what in the name of God are you doing?

Silver Dragon: Oh well tonight I thought it would be a good idea to get a massage and all the works, you know skin clensing, hair treatment, the works in order to get ready for my match tonight against Mean Mike Stone. So what do you think?

Mr. Howell: *Looks at Silver Dragon deadpan* You look like a fool.

Silver Dragon: That's because it's in process, very soon my skin will have an illustrious sheen!

Mr. Howell: Anyway, let's get this over with. You surprised everybody by advancing to the next round of this tournament. How do you think you'll fair tonight against Mean Mike Stone?

Silver Dragon: Well tonight Mr. Howell Im going to crack that stone! I've been in the gym training day and night, getting ready for my next match!

Mr. Howell: For the first time in your career I think you've actually said something sensible Silver, I congratulate you.

Silver Dragon: After my workouts I'd eat some sushi and relax to the gentle sounds of whale noises while watching 5 hour marathons of Tom and Jerry.

Mr. Howell: *Looks at Silver deadpan again* For a moment there I thought there was hope for you.

Silver Dragon: Oh and that's not all...

Mr. Howell: *Places a hand over Silver Dragon's mouth* Quit while you're ahead man. Goodluck tonight in your match Mr. Dragon, you're really going to need it, just as much as you need a therapist.


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Re: Silver Dragon Moves to the Semis

Post  D Stroyer on Tue Mar 09, 2010 2:36 pm

D Stroyer bumps into Mr Howell

DS: HEY! You almost made me drop the avocado oil treatment!

Mr Howell looks at D Stroyer in disbelieve

Mr Howell: What on earth are you doing?

D Stroyer looks at Mr Howell with a deadpan expression

DS: It's for Silver Dragon's hair and skin, we have avocado oil treatment, we have coconut oil treatment, we have basil cream and of course...

D Stroyers holds up DVDs

DS: Tom and Jerry to relax

Mr Howell looks shocked

Mr Howell: Don't tell me you are in on this tomfoolery

D Stroyer looks at Silver Dragon

DS: See? Tom fool, he is also a Tom and Jerry fan, he is just trying to be a hard case

Mr Howell: Now listen here, I am NOT a fan of Tom and Jerry and you two are throwing away our federation's name by acting like fools

SD: Who is the bigger fool?

DS: The man acting like a fool or the one telling him that he is a fool?

Mr Howell gapes at the two wrestlers

DS: Well Mr Howell it was great talking to you, but right now Silver Dragon needs to go get that cream off and try some of this treatments

Silver Dragon turns and walks back into his locker room, D Stroyer follows, but doesn't see the cucumber slice that Silver Dragon dropped, he slips and crashes down with cream, oils and DVDs flying in all directions

D Stroyer

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Re: Silver Dragon Moves to the Semis

Post  SilverDragon on Wed Mar 10, 2010 10:48 am

D Stroyer picks himself up and picks up all of the DVDs and oils that he dropped on the floor. He opens the door to find Silver Dragon Whistling "I'm a Little Teapot" while holding a mirror, looking at his face. The green cream has been removed and his face now shines as he holds the mirror to it.

D Storyer: Looking great there champ, here are the oils you wanted.

Silver Dragon: Did you get the coconut kind?

D Stroyer holds up a bottle and Silver Dragon quickly takes it. He pours some on his hands and then rubs it on his face and chest, after he does it looks like he's glowing a faint shade of putrid gray.

Silver Dragon: *Looking at his reflection in the mirror* Ahhhh that looks wonderful, now I'm ready for my match tonight against Mean Mike Stone! Thanks D!

D Stroyer: *Smiles* No problem, so what are you going to do if you win the title?

Silver Dragon: *Rests his hand on his fist and looks like the statue "the thinker"* I think I'll hold a great big party at Charlie Provalone's!

D Storyer: Where?

Silver Dragon: Charlie Provalone, he's the mouse mascot for a family game arcade and restaurant.

D Stroyer: Isn't that like Chuckie Cheese's?

Silver Dragon: It is in fact, you see Charlie Provalone is Chuckie's mentally deranged, psychotic half brother.

D Stroyer: Ohhh okay, that sounds like fun!

Silver Dragon: Righto! If I win, I'm going to have dancing girls serve me sushi pizza right off of my new TV Belt! There's going to be dancing and I'm going to hire my cousin Vito to perform at the party!

D Stroyer: What kind Vito do?

Silver Dragon: Oh he's a heavy metal rapping emo yoddeling square dancer.

D Stroyer: How unique!

Silver Dragon: Yeah he can't find much work though...anyway if I win I want you to invite all of your friends along!

D Stroyer: You mean I'm invited?

Silver Dragon: Of course! In fact I wanted you to be the guest of honor!

D Stroyer: Thanks, I really appreciate that. Hey enough chatting let's watch some Tom and Jerry before the next match begins!

D Stroyer puts a DVD in the DVD player underneath the Television in the corner of the locker room and they both sit and start laughing at the program.

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Re: Silver Dragon Moves to the Semis

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