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Jesses looking ahead

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Jesses looking ahead

Post  Jesse Kincade on Sun Mar 07, 2010 1:45 am

Jesse Kincade makes his way to the ring with a microphone in hand.

Prof: Here comes Jesse Kincade. 1 of the 4 competitors left in the tournament for the United States Championship.

Skip: I still think hes the odds on favorite to win that title.

Prof: Given the fact he seems willing to take any short cuts needed to accomplish that goal, you might very well be right there Skip.

Jesse slides into the ring, stands, and observes the crowd till his entrance music cuts off.

Jesse: Tonight I face Austrian27 in the tournament for the U.S. championship. A man that does not even deserve being in this tourney. See last I checked the U.S. Championship was short for United States, not Uber Special. An Austrian could not possibly understand the significance or prestige of such a title.

Crowd: Booo

Prof: I think the fans would rather have Austrian27 as their champion than Jesse.

Skip: Sounds like it, but I don't believe Jesse cares.

Jesse: But no matter. I intend to do away with him rather easily. Which leaves me 1 of 2 opponents to face next week. Either the " Oh So Noble " Tin Man or " The Super Cool " Dancing Fool neither of which are cut from the same mould as me. In fact neither of those 2 stooges belong in the same building as me, let alone the same ring.

Crowd: You Suck, You Suck

Skip: The fans are really getting on him tonight.

Prof: They're probably still upset with how Jesse jumped Rez Acid in the back prior to their match last week. A match that eliminated Rez Acid from this tournament.

Skip: If that is what gave Jesse an edge in his match, then you'd have to admit it was a smart move.

Jesse: You people can dislike me all you want. The fact still remains, I'm the only competitor in this tournament hungry enough to earn whats at stake here. I am " The Ultra Violent " Jesse Kincade. I am the real deal and I will usher in a new era to the world of professional wrestling. I will win the United States Championship and become the first ever AAWA champion.

Jesses music kicks in again. Jesse rolls out of the ring and walks casually back up the ramp to leave.

Skip: Some bold statements from Jesse Kincade to kick off Spotlight.

Prof: Will they prove to be empty threat ambition or devine prophecy?

Skip: He does have things in perspective here. Whoever does win the United States Championship will be the first person ever to hold a belt here in the AAWA. Whoever the winner here is next week will automatically be entered into the AAWA record books. No matter how many people come and go after them, the winner of this tournament will always be there first.

Prof: Good point. A lot on the line later tonight for 4 men. Only 2 will advance.

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