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Red Unit Interview

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Red Unit Interview

Post  Red Unit on Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:42 pm

The World Title Tournament Brackets are displayed upon the titantron outlining the night's main event.

Prof: Tonight we begin the tournament to crown the first ever AAWA champion, you can just feel the excitment in the crowd.
Skip: Yeah the crowd are really on their feet tonight. I've already got my pick to win the title.
Prof: You've got a pick already, who is it?
Skip: I see what you're trying to do. Get your own pick, I'm tired of you copying me.
Prof: You don't even have a pick do you.
Skip: Of course I do, I've got it written down in my notes.
Prof: Then who is it, Red Unit? The Misfit?
Skip: Nice try copycat.
Prof: Hold on, it looks like our interviewer is on the titantron.

The Titantron cuts away from the tournament bracket to the AAWA interviewer, Mary Ann, who is standing backstage.

Mary Ann: Tonight I'm interviewing one of the participants in the world title tournament. I'm standing here with Red Unit, who is probably the most outspoken of the participants in the tournament.

The camera shot widens to show Red Unit standing by with a microphone.

Mary Ann: Red, you have been chosen as one of the 8 participants in the world title tournament. Are you happy to have been selected as one of the top stars in the tournament?
Red Unit: Happy? Are you happy every time your garbage is collected? How about every time your mail is delivered? Shadydeal signed me because he knew I was a top level talent, being in this tournament is an expectation, not a suprise.
Mary Ann: So what is your aim in the federation?
Red Unit: Isn't it obvious? I'm going to be the world champion.
Mary Ann: In my last interview D Stroyer said he cared more about entertaining the crowd, having fun, and making friends than winning. I take it you don't agree with that?
Red Unit: And what's D Stroyer's record? That's the kind of talk I'd expect from a guy who is 0-3. Let me tell you something; the crowd likes winners, I enjoy winning, and when you're a winner everyone wants to be your friend.
Mary Ann: So what are your thoughts on tonight's match, I know you and your opponent, Andrewpandarew, are no friends.
Red Unit: Tonight I'm finally going to show that punk his place. I'm going to humiliate him out there. The only reason he's even in the tournament is because of me.
Mary Ann: What do you mean by that?
Red Unit: Think about it, if he hadn't have messed with a future champ like me would anyone even care about him? He'd be lucky to be in the TV title tournament. Tonight however I'm going to teach that little parasite a painful lesson about what happens when you try to make a name on the future champ.
Mary Ann: So your not worried about tonights match?
Red Unit: Of course not, in fact I'd advise all the fans in the audience to get their cell phones and cameras ready because I intend to use a brand new devestating move to finish Andrewpandarew. I'm not going to break a sweat beating him, he's going to be the only one doing any breaking.
Mary Ann: What are your thoughts on who you'll be facing in the next round if you win, The Misfit or Frost Nightwish.
Red Unit: It doesn't matter to me who I face. Frost Nightwish's victory over Andrew will look like nothing next to mine, and as for the Misfit I'm not too worried about facing a guy who hasn't won a match yet.
Mary Ann: So what do you say to fans who have been accusing you of being over confidant and all talk?
Red Unit: It's not arrogance when you really are the best, and I am the best. Just watch later tonight as I demolish Andrew. Now then, I'm going to go get ready for the match.

Red Unit drops the microphone and walks off without waiting for a reply from Mary Ann.

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