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Interview interuption

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Interview interuption

Post  Jesse Kincade on Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:44 am

Mary Ann: I'm standing backstage with Rez Acid. Now Rez tonight you are 1 of the eight contestants in the tourney to win the United States Championship Title. How do you feel going into this match?

Rez Acid: Tonight I continue on my road to recovery. Tonight begins a new chapter in the book that is my life. I have worked hard to get to this point and I will work harder still to further continue my journey. Jesse Kincade is a man that can inflict enormous pain on anyone. But I am used to pain and can fight through anything. For I shall endure and when my hand is raised in victory the crowd will cheer. They truly are my salvation.

Trinity Evans approaches Rez giggling as his attention is drawn from Mary Ann to her.

Trinity Evans: You're obviously delusional. Jesse is going to destroy you.

Rez: I have no doubt to Jesses intentions but....

Jesse Kincade rushes in behind Rez Acid swinging a chair and hits Rez Acids head executing a devastating chair shot!!
Jesse Kincade puts his opponent on his shoulders
and lets himself fall on his back, executing a hardcore Overdriver!!
Jesse then looms over his fallen victim and grins as he twitches and grunts in pain. Trinity cheers him on near by.

Jesse Kincade: If theres 1 thing I can't stand its a Mommas Boy. You like pain, do you Rez? Well tonight you're going to feel plenty of it. In fact you will feel so much that it will simply wipe out the memory of all your old scars. For I am not your latest problem. Tonight I will be your Final....Solution.

Jesse spits these last 2 words out with a menacing gleam in his eyes. Then rises and leaves with Trinity in tow. Rez Acid makes it to his knees surprisingly wide eyed with a masochistic smile drawn on his face.

Prof: Unbelievable, so much for sportsmanship.

Skip: Well theres a lot on the line here tonight. I'm not saying I approve of what Jesse did but I certainly can understand it.

Prof: Well, given the look that was on Rez Acids face, I have a feeling hes not as down and out as Jesse Kincade would have hoped.

Skip: Are you kidding me? Rez took an Overdriver on a concrete floor. Theres no way he 100%.

Prof: I'm not saying he 100%. Just that it might not impact the match as much as Jesse thought it would. Rez looked more excited than intimidated when he got to his knees.

Skip: True, to tell the truth I found that rather disturbing.

Prof: If anything else, I'm now highly anticipating that match up later on.

Skip: Indeed.

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