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Shadow Knight first round US Tournament

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Shadow Knight first round US Tournament

Post  ShadowKnight on Fri Feb 26, 2010 7:52 am

The Titantron lights up and the camera slowly pans through a door.
Shadow Knight is sitting in the locker room polishing his helmet.
Shadow Knight: Last week on AAWA Showcase I had a match against Rez Acid, and before the match I mad a promise.
The titantron shows a clip from the show:
Shadow Knight: Tonight I square off against Rez Acid. It's my second match so I want to start off with a winning streak. My goal for the season is to make a name for myself by defeating each and every opponent I come up against, and the person the beat me is in a world of hurt. So Rez Acid, tonight you are in for a world of pain, but the the thing you actually need to be afraid of is my reaction to a loss. And you don't want that happening. SO you will be punished either in the ring or out. And I hope for your sake it is in the ring.
This is followed by a clip of Shadow Night tapping out to Rez Acid's Texas Cloverleaf.

Shadow Knight: Soooooo... things did not go exactly as expected. And I will maintain my promise, however as you know something else has come up that requires my attention. So Rez Acid for now you are being thrown onto the back burner because tonight is the first step in my path to greatness.
Shadow Knight: Tonight I face Iceberg in the first round of the US Title Tournament. So tonight I speed towards Iceberg with hopes that this collision of forces doesn't sink me and my hopes for a legendary status in AAWA.
Shadow Knight: Rez Acid, you are most certainly not in the clear. As luck would have it you are also in this tournament, so you better hope we don't end up against each other down the road in this tournament because this time there will be no stopping me and I guarantee a different outcome. If tonight wasn't such an icon night for my young career I would beat you down in the parking lot, but tonight I save my energy for the tournament match.
Shadow Knight: So AAWA fans, look at, quite possibly your first AAWA US Champion. I am three matches away from earning a permanent spot in AAWA's history as the first AAWA United States Champion.
Shadow Knight: So if you think I put my heart and soul into last weeks matches you haven't seen anything yet. AAWA roster you have been warned, stay out of my way and the carnage will be minimal. Fans, enjoy the ride.
The titantron goes black.

Last edited by Shadydeal on Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:08 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : finishing the rp---added)

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