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First match for the United States Championship

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First match for the United States Championship

Post  D Stroyer on Thu Feb 25, 2010 7:38 pm

D Stroyer is seen in the gym, running on the treadmill, he looks exhausted, but he keeps pushing himself to run at the same pace. Mary Ann enters into the shot and looks at D Stroyer.

MA: Uhm...excuse me Mr D Stroyer?

D Stroyer keeps on running, seemingly oblivious to Mary Ann

MA: Excuse me Mr Stroyer!

D Stroyer looks at her, loses his focus, miss steps and his feet gets plucked from under him and he falls hard on the treadmill, the high speed of the mill throws him off and he skids over the floor. Mary Ann looks shocked at D Stroyer as he lays spread out on the floor, gasping for breath.

MA: Oh my! I'm so sorry!

Mary Ann rushes closer and bends over D Stroyer

MA: Are you OK?

D Stroyer gulps for air and then opens his eyes

DS: I'm....fine...thanks...

MA: I am really very sorry

D Stroyer sits up and gets to his feet, sweat pouring off of him

DS: I'm fine Mary Ann. Is there something you wanted to ask?

MA: Yes, you are facing Austrian27 here tonight in the first round of the US Title tourney, what is your feelings about that?

DS: To be honest Mary Ann, I feel that it's a bit too soon for me to start any title shots. I mean look at me, I'm still a kid compared to all the other guys. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not holding that up as an excuse, I just think I need to gain more experience before I can be real competition

MA: Do you think that is why you lost both your matches here in AAWA?

DS: Well the guys outlasted and out performed me, of course I would think that, but to be honest, I'm not dwelling on the past. Those matches was closely contested and I feel rather proud with myself for being able to hang in there as long as I did.

MA: So what is your aim in the federation?

DS: Well it's like they say, "If you're a wrestler, you want the World Title", well I'm not aiming for that. I'm here to entertain the crowd, enjoy my wrestling, make some good friends and if I DO get to hold a championship belt? Well I won't complain at all

In the background Security can be seen dragging a little Japanese girl past the open gym doors


Following them is backstage staff carrying various parts of the "Shushi" bar

MA: I was meaning to ask you, did you have anything to do with that uhm bar?

DS: Well they told me that her SUSHI is the best and since Silver Dragon was running around looking for one, I decided to hire her services. Looks like I wasted my money on that.

Mary Ann snickers loudly

MA: He also looked for a Juice Bar

D Stroyer frowns

DS: How could he miss it? There is a juice bar RIGHT NEXT to the "Shushi" bar. Legitimate place as well, I would know, I checked it out. Also make very delicious Juice Puppies

MA: Juice Puppies?

DS: Yeah, like Slush Puppies, just the Juice type

MA: Hmmm...I think...I...

Mary Ann starts to walk off screen towards the open gym doors, the camera tracks back to D Stroyer, he shrugs and turn to face the camera

DS: Well looks like the interview is over. I have this sudden need to go lift some weights

With that D Stroyer walks off towards the weight benches as he whistles a tune

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