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Trimalcio Parties

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Trimalcio Parties

Post  trimalcio on Wed Feb 24, 2010 6:34 am

<Scene opens in a dance club. The lights flash all around, music geting louder and louder as the camera pans around the club. Finally, the camera focuses on Trimalcio, stepping out onto the stage just as "I'm too sexy" erupts from the DJ booth>

"I'm too sexy for my shirt, to sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts..."

<Trimalcio pulls off his shirt, showing a belly that hasn't been a washboard for many years. As he begins to dance a 70's disco style to the song, he grabs the microphone and sings HORRIBLY into the mic. At the end of the song, the crowd erupts in cheering and claps, some women throw their keys up on stage where Trimalcio picks them up and pockets them.>

"Ladies and gentleman, I know that you are anxious to see me in the AAWA showcase." <crowd erupts again with cheers>

"Thank you."...Trimalcio takes a big gulp of a large beer from on top of one of the speakers for the music.." Having proven my worth, holding numerous titles both in singles and tag events, it is only natural that I should become an All American Wrestling Association Star. Now Red Unit, I've heard a little about you, and even have met you in the ring a few times as we were coming up the ranks. I know that you are quick..and you'll need to be to run away from the beating I'll be giving you this coming Thursday night." <crowd erupts again into cheers>

"Red Unit, you will be wearing Red Thursday night..the red of your blood as you tap out from my BuzzKill submission hold."

<Crowd goes wild, women rush the stage and begin pawing at Trimalcio, who smiles to the camera, waves goodbye, and dissapears in the crowd of women. The camera man drops the camera down to his side, and you can hear him mumble under his breath something, just then the camera quickly comes back up, and focuses again on Trimalcio, the girls are now backed away from him, and you can hear them demanding "payment" as he hands out $100.00 bills to them. The last thing you hear him say is" Great job, I'll be hiring you again if you can keep up what you did tonight.." With that, the cameraman begins to laugh and says "I'm showing this tonight...Last time Trimalcio treats me like a servent...">

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