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The Relaxing art of Feng Chi

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The Relaxing art of Feng Chi

Post  SilverDragon on Tue Feb 23, 2010 8:59 am

*The screen on the Titantron comes on and the audience is greeted with the image of Mr. Howell holding a microphone. In the background are storage lockers mounted onto a red wall. He clears his throat and begins to speak.*

Mr. Howell: Ladies and Gentlemen here in a few minutes we have an exciting match for you tonight. Coming over now for an interview is…

*Mr. Howell stops and looks surprised as the figure of Silver Dragon walks up in front of the camera.*

Silver Dragon: Hey there! I don’t believe we’ve met, you are…?

Mr. Howell: You can just call me Mr. Howell. Now look if you don’t mind I have an interview with someone in a few minutes. Please step aside..

Silver Dragon: I am the guy you’re supposed to interview.

*Mr. Howell looks Silver Dragon up and down and then at a card he’s holding.*

Mr. Howell: Oh..uhh well we saw the match you had with Triple Zed last night and frankly I, or the fans, weren’t all that impressed. What happened to you on Monday night?

Silver Dragon: Well Mr. Howell, Monday night was a bad night for me all around. I lost my match, I got humiliated, and I didn’t even get the chance to have any sushi…

Mr. Howell: What was the biggest factor that contributed to your loss?

Silver Dragon: It was definitely the sushi Howell, I needed the energy before the match and I just didn’t get it.

Mr. Howell: *Cocks an eyebrow* Okay then, are you ready for your match with Triple Zed tonight?

Silver Dragon: Not quite yet Mr. Howell, you see I still have to find that sushi bar and I haven’t even done my pre-match feng-chi yet.

Mr. Howel: Feng-chi?

Silver Dragon: Yeah it’s a relaxation exercise that I made up. Want to see me achieve super glorious Nirvana?

Mr. Howell: Go for it.

*Silver Dragon stretches both of his arms out behind him and lifts his foot and places it to the small of his back. He closes his eyes and a serene look comes over him. Slowly he starts to hop around on one foot and whistle “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. On the third hop he slips and falls down.*

Mr. Howell: *Snorting, a smile appears on his face. He looks down at Silver Dragon who is now off camera.* You okay down there?

Silver Dragon: *In a weak voice* Never better…

*Mr. Howell looks at the camera and grins then down at the floor where Silver Dragon is laying. The Titantron fades to black.*

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