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Jesses in the Ring

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Jesses in the Ring

Post  Jesse Kincade on Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:53 am

Jesse paces the ring with a microphone in his hand.

Jesse Kincade: So here I stand on the first televised broadcast of AAWAs Showcase and I realize that these fans have a lot in common with my opponent tonight. You're both uninspiring, and frankly unimpressive.

Crowd: BOOOOOOO!!!

Jesse: They got me out here tonight facing some cream puff snowball from the the great white north and just like every other Canadian athlete you are completely bereft of any personality or charisma.

The Skipper: Hehehe He called Iceberg a snowball

The Professor: Watch it cream puff.

The Skipper: Hey...

Jesse: You think you're so special Snow Ball that you traveled the entire world to learn how to fight. Well, you're going to feel awfully foolish to have done that simply to get beat down by me. When all I did was travel to the ally behind my house to learn the art of kicking people into the gutter, or down the street to the mall to practice bashing peoples heads into the wall.

The Professor: Fine talents, I'm sure hes mastered.

The Skipper: Essential life skills, I concur.

Jesse: You see tonight it all starts with you Snow Ball, and next week it continues with anyone who dares to get between me and the AAWA United States Championship. So get out here and feel my wrath.

The Professor: Will Jesse Kincades firery aggression be able to melt the giant Iceberg?

The Skipper: Oh, you've got to be able to come up with a better analogy than that. Thats plain horrible.

The Professor: Ah, yeah... Yeah, it was bad. Well, we'll find out soon enough fans as it looks like Iceberg is on his way out.

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