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Dark Horse and D Stroyer

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Dark Horse and D Stroyer

Post  D Stroyer on Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:03 pm

OOC: This is a preliminary. Just in case the show does go on with this match on the card

The camera enters a bar, it's dark and a bit gloomy, at the bar sits two figures drinking a beer. The camera draws closer and focus on the two figures, it's Dark Horse and D Stroyer

DH: Don't we have a match later on?

D Stroyer looks on his watch

DS: Yeah think we have like two hours

DH: Shouldn't we get going?

D Stroyer looks at his beer

DS: You know...I think we have time for another one and to get warmed up for the match as well

Dark Horse grins

DH: Hey Dan! Dan!!

The bartender comes closer

Dan: Yeah?

DH: Another round for me and my buddy...

DS: Buddy ol pal

Dark Horse laughs

DH: Wouldn't say old, but yeah I'm sure we are getting well acquainted over these beers

D Stroyer lifts his almost empty glass

DS: I will drink to that

Dark Horse and D Stroyer clinks their glasses together and drains their glasses, D Stroyer looks at the Cameraman

DS: Hey Dan bring one for the cameraman, you switch off that camera and sit down

The camera shuts off abruptly

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